French translation of ISPD Catheter-related Infection Recommendations: Update 2023




treatment outcome, ISPD, Antibacterial agents, antibiotic prophylaxis, catheter-related infections, exit site infection, ISPD guidelines, peritoneal dialysis, prevention


Information about this translation : As part of a partnership agreement between the ISPD and the RDPLF ( ), the RDPLF is the official French translator of the ISPD recommendations.

The RDPLF is committed to faithfully translating the original text, under the responsibility of two nephrologists known for their expertise in the field. The translation is available on the ISPD website and in the Bulletin de la Dialyse à Domicile.


Like the original, this translation is freely downloadable under copyright CC By 4.0


This translation is intended to help professionals in the French-speaking community to familiarize themselves with ISPD recommendations in their mother tongue. Any reference in an article should be to the original open-access text: Peritoneal Dialysis International In articles written for French journals, keep the reference to the original English version above, but add "traduction française :


Dratwa, Max, et Christian Verger. 2021. « Signature d’un Accord Entre ISPD Et RDPLF Pour La Traduction Des Recommandations ». Bulletin De La Dialyse à Domicile 4 (3). DOI:

Chow KM, Li PK-T, Cho Y, et al. ISPD Catheter-related Infection Recommendations: 2023 Update. Peritoneal Dialysis International. 2023;43(3):201-219. doi:10.1177/08968608231172740 DOI:



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