About the Journal

General policy for open Access

The Bulletin de la Dialyse à Domicile (BDD) is registered in Sherpa Romeo  : https://v2.sherpa.ac.uk/id/publication/39007

The BDD uses the Diamond open access model.  This model involves the publishing of articles in journals that are entirely free. Neither the authors nor the readers have to pay any charges. In addition the editorial board of the BDD translates, when accepted, all articles either in French or en English so that they are published in both language with the same DOI. This translation is also totally free of charge.

Publisher and editor :

The Bulletin de la Dialyse à Domicile  (home dialysis bullletin) is published by the French Language Peritoneal Dialysis and home hemodialysis Registry (RDPLF). The RDPLF  is a non for profit association  with its web site at  https://www.rdplf.org.  Its aim is to help nurses and medical teams, following chronic renal failure patients, to evaluate and improve all aspects of dialysis methods at home,  share their knowledge, perform epidemiological researchs,

The RDPLF is recognized as a non for profit  association of General Interest by the french fiscal administration. Data base is declared in the CNIL (National Commission for digital Information and Liberty). Office is located 30 rue Sere Depoin, 95300 - Pontoise - France.

Incomes of the RDPLF : we do not charge any service to centers participating to the RDPLF neither any person using its services.  Incomes come from donations

The funding of RDPLF comes from personal donations, industry subsidies, financial aid granted by associations which take care of dialysis patients at home. Details of the origins of the funding is available on the RDPLF website at: https://www.rdplf.org/financement.html

How to cite published article : use full name (Bulletin de la Dialyse  à Domicile) or the standard abbreviation ISO-4: Bull Dial Domic

Publishing schedule : quaterly

Advertising :

Advertising is not accepted in the Bulletin de la Dialyse à Domicile.

Readership :

The journal is primarily intended for nephrologists, nurses, and directors of healthcare establishments interested in the various techniques of home dialysis. Articles are published in French and English, so that professionals from french speaking countries, some times not used with English,  as well as other professional of  other countries, have an  access to the knowledge in the domain.

Aims and scope

The Bulletin de la Dialysis à Domicile (BDD) is the official journal of the RDPLF (French Language Peritoneal Dialysis Registry and Home Hemodialysis). Its aim is to provide nurses and doctors with all the informations that can enable them to monitor dialysis patients at home with quality and safety conditions based on the most recent scientific knowledge. To this end, the articles are  peer-reviewed and relate to all aspects of home dialysis; this includes: RDPLF results, original articles, clinical cases, literature review, analytical methods, exploration methods, treatment methods, patient testimonials. The journal is intended for all healthcare professionals concerned with replacement therapy for chronic renal failure. We want to build bridges between scientific work in different languages ​​in order to expand the sharing of knowledge and experience. All are articles related to home dialysis (peritoneal dialysis as well as hemodialysis are accepted  for submission do the editoria committee and reviewers.


Summary : The article summaries are in French and English
Main text : the main text is in French and English, translation is performed by the editor so that publication is in the two languages.

If a text is submitted in English or Spanish, it is then submitted to at least one English or Spanish-speaking reviewers in addition to a french one. If the initial submission is accepted definitively, it is translated into French by the publisher and subjected to the principal author’s agreement before publication.

Open access

All articles published by the Bulletin de la Dialyse à Domicile are made freely and permanently accessible online immediately upon publication, without subscription charges or registration barriers.

Publishing in the Bulletin de la Dialyse à Domicile is free of charge. All costs are paid by the RDPLF.

Copyright of articles published in the Bulletin de la Dialyse à Domicile are retained by the author with respect of the licence Common Creative CC by 4.0. See details on copyright and licence on this link.

 It is not necessary to be registered to read and download the articles, however we encourage our readers to do so : this will allow us to inform them for future issues ; in addition, during registration they may indicate if they accept  to be contacted for future reviewing.

Miscellaneous :

  • The full text of all articles is deposited in digital archives to guarantee long-term digital preservation.
  • The Bulletin de la Dialyse à Domicile adheres to the rules of ethics et and good practices of open access publications
  • We respect privacy of readers, authors and subscribers
  • The authors must  obtain informed consent  of any  publication dealing with human research.
  • The Bulletin de la Dialyse à Domicile does not publish any advertising.
  • Hosting and journal software  : The Bulletin de la Dialyse à Domicile is published with Open Journal Systems (OJS), a journal management and publishing system developed by the Public Knowledge Project. It is hosted on the server of University of Leuven in Belgium (https://ojs.uclouvain.be/)