RDPLF 2022 annual report: Profile of home hemodialysis patients in Belgium and Francel (synthetic raw results)





RDPLF annual report, home hemodialysis, dialyse quotidienne, RDPLF, France, Belgium


We present primary descriptive data in the form of tables and graphs for patients treated with home hemodialysis in France and French-speaking Belgium in 2022. These data were recorded in the database of the French-speaking Register of Peritoneal Dialysis and Home Hemodialysis (RDPLF).

The average age of the patients is similar in both countries: 52.7 years in France and 54.7 years in Belgium. The percentage of patients with diabetes is 25.6% in Belgium and 18.5% in France.

The majority of patients undergo daily hemodialysis 5 to 7 times per week.

Of the patients, 11% have received peritoneal dialysis in the past. Of these, 23.5% transitioned to home hemodialysis less than 3 months after stopping peritoneal dialysis, while 23.6% transitioned after 2 years of center-based or self-administered hemodialysis.

Practices differ between Belgium and France. In Belgium, a central catheter is used in 57.5% of cases, compared to 8.5% in France. For arteriovenous fistula puncture, the buttonhole technique is used in 91% of cases in Belgium and 47.8% of cases in France.

In Belgium, 70% of patients dialyze independently, while in France, 71% of patients dialyze in the presence of a family member.

The main cause of treatment discontinuation is transplantation (44% of technical dropout).


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