Imaging and leaks in peritoneal dialysis




computed tomography, dialysate, peritoneal dialysis, peritoneography, leak, pleurodesis


Dialysate leaks are non-rare mechanical but dreaded complications in peritoneal dialysis (PD). They usually occur at the beginning of PD, with various clinical events depending on their location. Use of imaging tests such as computed tomography (CT) peritoneography, or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) peritoneography, or scintigraphic peritoneography, can confirm the diagnosis and guide surgical intervention if needed. These simple, non-invasive, and accessible tests can be done in collaboration between the radiological et peritoneal teams. Depending on the leakage site, PD can be pursued with small volumes with a cycler. In other cases, it must be interrupted and the patient transferred to hemodialysis, in order to permit the peritoneal cavity to regain its integrity by cicatrization or with surgical intervention. Imaging can help to make sure peritoneal cavity has regained its integrity after this period of transition. Early leaks can be avoided by delaying PD start with by 14 days. Intraperitoneal pressure does not seem to contribute significantly. Prevention of PD leaks essentially depends on individual risk factors such as obesity or anterior abdominal surgeries. This article reviews the characteristics of dialysate leaks in PD and the imagery tests to limit transfer to hemodialysis.


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