Assessment of the interest of an open-access French-language journal specializing in home dialysis




home dialysis, peritoneal dialysis, native language, nurse, nephrologist, medical litterature, open access, French


The Bulletin de la dialyse à Domicile (Home Dialysis Bulletin) is a quaterly open access journal, created in June 2018. It adheres to international standards of ethics and good practices in medical publishing; it is indexed in the directory of open access journals ( The aim of this work was, by means of an anonymous online survey, to assess its appreciation among French-speaking nephrologists and healthcare teams. The analysis of the responses to the survey highlighted a high degree of appreciation by readers, the importance of using their native language which abrogates language barriers to their easy access to medical or nursing information, the need for practical articles but also recommendations, the sharing of clinical cases. Readers believe that the Bulletin de la Dialyse à Domicile provides them with a source of information to which they have little or no access elsewhere. It responds to a clearly expressed need for all those who take care of patients treated by home dialysis, but remains closely linked to English speakers because its the bi-lingual online publication which give the opportunity to accept foreign  submissions and share experience between countries.


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