Covid-19 epidemic in the dialysis units of the french speaking part of Belgium : special insight into patients on home dialysis


  • Fredéric Collart CHU Brugmann, Bruxelles
  • Jean-Marin des Grottes CHU Tivoli, La Louviere (Belgique)
  • Thomas Baudoux Hop.Erasme, Bruxelles (Belgique)
  • Charles Cuvelier Clin.Ste Elisabeth, Namur (Belgique)
  • Frederic Debelle Centre hosp. Epicura, Baudour (Belgique)
  • Eric Goffin Clin.Univ.St-Luc, Bruxelles, Belgique
  • Catherine Masset la Citadelle, Liège (Belgique)
  • Olivier Mat Centre hosp. Epicura, Ath (Belgique)
  • Georges Cornet Centre hosp. Peltzer-Latourelle, Verviers, Belgique



Covid-19, sars-cov2, dialysis, epidemiology, Belgium


In the French-speaking part of Belgium, between march and end of may 2020, 284 patients have suffered a Covid-19 infection, 7,9% of the prevalent dialysis population. Some of them have been  diagnosed through rt-PCT as they were symptomatic, others, asymptomatic,  being diagnosed by swab viral culture. Fifty two patients died (18% of the positive patients). The vast majority of them were patients on hemodialysis, only ten cases have been observed in patients on home dialysis techniques. Primary renal disease were diabetes or renal hypertensive disease in more than 50% of the patients and the most important comorbidities were cardiac ischemic or congestive disease, autonomy problems, cancer and smoking habits.


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