Long nocturnal home hemodialysis : An old therapy brought up to date


  • Eric Laruelle Fondation AUB Santé (Rennes)




long nocturnal hemodialysis, home hemodialysis, low dialysate flow, telehealth


Home hemodialysis therapy orientation is rising since 2011 in France due to technical progress in dialysis machines, with a simplified use, an ultrapure and sparing dialysate delivery. The most frequent therapy is short daily dialysis sessions with performing results in terms of water and salt balance, depuration and mainly on autonomy and flexibility. In this article, we describe the organization of an alternative therapy with long nocturnal low flow hemodialysis in a dialyzed patient since 2006 after a graft failure. We discuss the benefits of this therapy, first results, eventual barriers to this method specially the occurrence of an adverse event, security and benefit of a telemonitoring and teleassistance that we develop for this occasion.



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