Why do we have to use new low flux dialysis machine for daily home dialysis


  • Hafedh Fessi Tenon Hospital, Paris




home hemodialysis, daily hemodialylisis, low dialysate flow rate, HDQ


After a decline at the end of 90’s, Home Hemodialysis recently found a second breath. This renewal doesn’t only concern France, but also the US and Western Europe (GB, Italy and Spain).
Several studies confirm that low flux dialysat machines deliver adequate dialysis dose, based on high dialysat saturation and low daily ultrafiltration rate. Frequent sessions avoid long interdialytic interval.
They also are easy to use, allow easier session management with more flexibility and mobility.
Daily hemodialysis with low dialysat flux responds to new goals: improving quality of life reaching better cardiovascular parameters and reduce recovery time post dialysis.
Better patient adhesion to the treatment with low flux dialysat machines allows a decrease in barriers to home memodialysis development.
It gives a good opportunity today to improve dialysis quality. The role of patient care partner is determinant

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Hafedh Fessi, Tenon Hospital, Paris




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