Second anniversary of Bulletin de la Dialyse à Domicile


  • Max Dratwa CHU Brugmann, Bruxelles
  • Christian Verger RDPLF, (Pontoise France)


Bulletin de la Dialyse à Domicile, Bull Dial Domic


Two years ago, on June 13, 2018 exactly, the first issue of the new RDPLF journal, the Bulletin de la Dialyse à Domicile au was launched. We were able to maintain a quarterly publication thanks to the kindness and inspired writing of nurses and nephrologists from private centers, associations, general hospitals and university hospitals in French-speaking countries, but also in the United States, England, Spain, Portugal ,.

The journal has since been indexed in most university libraries and national or international indexers, including the Directory of Open Access Journals which is a guarantee of the quality of an open access journal.

Take care, when you write in another journal, French or foreign, to quote as much as possible articles from the Bulletin: in accordance with ISO4 standard, you must use in the quotation either the full name "Bulletin de la Dialyse à Domicile ", or the standard abbreviation: Bull Dial Domic

The Bulletin de la Dialyse à Domicile is the only French-language and bilingual medical journal specializing only in home dialysis, with free open access both to nurses and physicians. This, thanks to our authors and proofreaders, immediately ensured its success: up to now the French summaries were read 19,500 times and the full articles downloaded 8,900 times; in English (the translations were made more recently) there are 9650 readings of the abstracts and 820 full downloads of the articles.

Thus we wish for this fruitful collaboration with our colleagues to continue in the years to come and help improving home dialysis with the goal of better helping our patients as well as those who take care of them.

Max Dratwa and Christian Verger (managing directors)



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