Best wishes and evolution of BDD


  • Christian Verger RDPLF, (Pontoise France)
  • Max Dratwa


RDPLF, Bulletin dialyse à domicile, BDD


With this fourth issue of volume 2 of the Bulletin de la Dialyse à Domicile (BDD), the year 2019 ends.
The BDD was born in June 2018; since then, 59 articles from France, England, Belgium, Spain, Morocco, Portugal, USA. UU. They have been published by all those who think it is useful to have a review that provides everyone with easily accessible information, within their reach, in the language he or she knows best, to understand and prescribe dialysis at home. Thanks also to the patients who shared their experiences.

The year 2019 was marked by the indexing of articles in the Directory of Open Access Journals ( DOAJ guarantees the seriousness and quality of open access journals and this guarantees them good dissemination. Almost all articles have been translated into English for a wider distribution, to maintain links between professionals who use these languages. The BDD is also indexed in Lissaet BASEGoogle Scholar et numerous libraries in universities.

Remember that we accept submissions of articles in English, French, Spanish and translate them. When an article is accepted, after a double-blind selection by independent reviewers, the English and French versions are published online.

We also reproduce below the list of all the independent reviewers, who have devoted their time to re-read the articles submitted, double-blind, and to provided constructive criticisms to help the authors finalize their works.

The RDPLF wishes our readers and all those who participate in the success of the RDPLF a very good end of the year and that the year 2020 which is coming will be for everyone a source of happiness and success in its projects.

List of last reviewers:

Azar Raymond ( France ), Bammens Bert ( Belgique ), Bataille Stanislas ( France ), Béchade Clémence ( France ), Ben Abdallah Taieb ( Tunisie ), Brayer Isabelle ( France ), Caudwell Valerie ( France ), Chanliau Jacques ( France ), Collart Fredéric ( Belgique ), de Arteaga Javier ( Argentine ), Descot Lisa ( France ), Desitter Arielle ( France ), Durand Pierre Yves ( France ), Fabre Emmanuel( France ), Faller Bernadette( France ), Fessi Hafedh ( France ), Fibach Eitan ( Israel ), Francois Karlien ( Belgique ), Gentile Stéphanie( France ), Gosselin Morgane( France ), Grillon Antoine( France ), Guillouët Sonia ( France ), Vincent Landi ( France ), Landru Isabelle ( France ), Landi Vincent ( France ), Lanot Antoine ( France ), Laville Maurice ( France ), Mougel Sophie (France), Nodimar Céline ( France ), Padernoz Marie Christine ( France ), Petitclerc Thierry ( France ), Quérin Serge (Quebec), Urena Pablo ( France ), Rostoker Guy ( France ), Rousseau-Gagnon Mathieu ( Canada) ), Target Natalia ( France ), Urena Pablo ( France ), Van Biesen Wim ( Belgique ), Veniez Ghislaine ( France ), Vernier  Isabelle(  ), Vrtovsnik François ( France )





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