Mountain in the blood

A human testimonial of dialysed patient for other patients


  • Fabrice Huré UDM AUB Montgermont



long nocturnal dialysis, sport, trail


In France, nearly 3 million people are affected by kidney disease. Chronic renal failure affects about 80,000 people. Of these 80,000 affected people, 44% receive a kidney transplant, and 56% are dialysed. Of the 48,000 dialysis patients, less than 0.6% are on long-term nocturnal dialysis (HDLN) and only 15% of active dialysis patients are working. In contrast, in Rennes, out of 36 patients in HDLN, the percentage of active dialysis patients in employment situation exceeds 60%. Fabrice Huré is one of them. Since the age of 18, Fabrice has been dialysed. After an attempted transplant that is rejected, Fabrice realizes the facts: he is hyperimmunized and will have to face dialysis for the rest of his life. Fabrice will begin to build a new life as a patient and long nocturnal dialysis will play a big role in improving his quality of life. That’s why, being less tired and more physically fit, he will decide to take up exceptional sports challenges for a dialysis patient, including the 112 km Bourbon trail in La Reunion. Wishing to highlight his career and the benefits of long nocturnal dialysis, this is how the documentary film «The Mountain in the Blood» was born.

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